Notre Restaurant Remporte un prix Prestigieux

Dear Customers, Friends & Partners,

We have great news to share with you!

We are extremely proud and honored to announce that our group, and specifically our restaurant “La Rose Blanche” which carries the solidarity and sustainable project ” Happy Roose”, has won the prestigious Prize for the Citizen Enterprise 2024, awarded by Cap48 et la RTBF in front of 900 business leaders.

This recognition celebrates ourcommitment to humanity and our dedication to making a difference in our field. Thank you to everyone who made this possible. It is thanks to our collective efforts that we can inspire and create a positive impact. We continue to work together for a better future for our profession and the people involved in it.

Furthermore, La Rose Blanche is also committed to this approach through our menu, prioritizing local products and short supply chains. Among our partners, we would especially like to thank the Nos Pilifs farm, with whom we have a great partnership for all our establishments, as well as micro-producers such as Van Gucht, and many others.

Thank you again for your support and trust. Together, even though we are different!


Mr Yves Deflandre Mr Olivier Barry

Ms Ilhame Paloma

Sales & Marketing
As well as all the teams at Accueil & Tradition and La Rose Blanche

The image announces that La Rose Blanche, a restaurant offering typical Belgian dishes, has been designated “Citizen Enterprise 2024” by CAP48 in the “Employment” category.